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2mm-8mm High Quality Colored Silver Mirror ,Black,Pink,Bronze,Blue

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2mm-8mm High Quality Colored Silver Mirror ,Black,Pink,Bronze,Blue

2mm-8mm High Quality Colored Silver Mirror ,Black,Pink,Bronze,Blue
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Silver Mirror
Certification: CE/CCC/ANSI/SGCC
Model Number: Tempered Glass
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: paper carton,wood crates
Delivery Time: within 1-7 days
Payment Terms: Negotiable
Supply Ability: 500000 square meters per month

Product Description

Silver mirror is an object that reflects light in a way that preserves much of its original quality subsequent to its contact with the mirror.




Quick  view on  Fulida Silver Mirror , Wall Mirror


Material :high-grade float glass made by float production line equipped with a laser line detection, which can promise the exclusion of any defective original film.


Producing : automatic chemical Germany KLOEPPER company's latest generation of plating method silvered mirror production line. Production line of glass from entering the terminal through cleaning, polishing, washing, sensitized, silver, copper, leaching paint drying once completed.


 2mm-8mm High Quality Colored Silver Mirror ,Black,Pink,Bronze,Blue


Product Silver  Mirror 
Thickness  2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm,8mm
Size  1220*1830mm,1650*2200mm, 1830*2440mm, 2134*3300mm, 2134*3660mm, etc
Colors Clear,ultra, bronze, pink, grey, blue,green,golden yellow ,etc.
Back-coating grey, green, yellow,blue, etc.
Main Customers Germany, Italy, England, America, Africa, Asia countries, etc
Certification ISO 9001:2000, TUV, INTERTEK , CE certificate
Material Top quality float glass, double coated by Italy FENZI brand waterproof painted
Advantages 1. Smooth float glass for mirror
2. Excellent optical performance
3. Stable chemical stability
Property Clear and exact images, acid-resistance, moisture-resistance
Application 1. Decoration, furniture.
2. Rearview mirror, bathroom mirror, cosmetic mirror, optical mirror, safety mirror.
Shape Round,oval, square,rectangle, arch, s  shape, etc 
Beveled Details Round edge (also named C-edge, pencil edge), flat edge, beveled edge,wave edge.
Packing 1. Seaworthy wooden crates with silk paper between the two sheets
2. Iron belt for strengthening
Payment 30% T/T in advance,the balance before the shipment.
Delivery Within 10-15 days after receiving your deposit


Waterproof Silver Mirror is produced through an environmental friendly process, using a clear or tinted float glass of exceptionally high quality and durability. It is coated with 

a lead-free and copper-free silver film and two layers of waterproof paint.


Manufacturing of Fulida Silver Mirrors, Wall Mirror



the mirror substrate is shaped, polished and cleaned, and is then coated. Glass mirrors are most often coated with non-toxic silveror aluminium, implemented by a series of coatings:


  1. Tin(II) chloride
  2. Silver
  3. Chemical activator
  4. Copper
  5. Paint

 2mm-8mm High Quality Colored Silver Mirror ,Black,Pink,Bronze,Blue


Types Produce Features Application
aluminium glass mirror 1.manufactured using vacuum coating, i.e. aluminium powder is evaporated (or "sputtered") onto the exposed surface of the float glass in a vacuum chamber 
2.coated with two or more layers of waterproof protective paint.
Cost low,price cheap,image clear Commen hotel ,shop,wall decoration
low aluminium glass mirror coating silver and two layers of protective paint on the back surface of glass. very clear,
light transmissive, 
smooth, and reflects accurate natural colors.
framing presentations and exhibitions in which a precise color representation of the artwork is truly essential or when the background color of the frame is predominantly white
safety glass mirror adhering a special protective film to the back surface of a silver glass mirror, prevents injuries in case the mirror is broken. furniture, doors, glass walls, commercial shelves, or public areas
silkscreen printed glass mirror produced using inorganic color ink that prints patterns through a special screen onto glass Various colors, patterns, and glass shapes are available. Such a glass mirror is durable and more moisture resistant than ordinary printed glass and canserve for over 20 years. widely used for decorative purposes (e.g., on mirrors, table tops, doors, windows, kitchen chop boards, etc.)
silver glass mirror an ordinary mirror, coated on its back surface with silver, which produces images by reflection. This kind of glass mirror is produced by coating a silver, copper film and two or more layers of waterproof paint on the back surface of float glass perfectly resists acid and moisture. A silver glass mirror provides clear and actual images, is quite durable furniture, bathroom and other decorative purposes.


2mm-8mm High Quality Colored Silver Mirror ,Black,Pink,Bronze,Blue


 Features of   Silver Mirror,Wall Mirror :


1.High reflectivity with clear and vivid images;


2. Two layers of Italy Fenzi Paints on the back of the mirror;


3. Perfect resistance to corrosion;


4. Long durability;


5.Various options of colors like bronze,grey,blue,etc.


6.Can be made into Safety Mirrors to be posted with PE film or woven bag film(Both CAT-I and CAT-II are available.)

2mm-8mm High Quality Colored Silver Mirror ,Black,Pink,Bronze,Blue


Specification of   Silver Mirror,Wall Mirror :


Glass color:Clear,Bronze,Euro grey,Dark blue,Light blue,Dark green,Light Green,etc.

 Back Paint color:Grey,Blue,Green,Whited,etc.

 Size:1200*915mm,1524*2134mm, 1650*2140mm, 1650*2440mm, 1830*2440mm, 3300*1900mm, 3210*2140mm, 3300*2134mm, 3210*2250mm, 3300*2250mm, 3660*2134mm, 3660*2250mm etc.

 Thickness:2mm,2.7mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,5.5mm,6mm etc.



 2mm-8mm High Quality Colored Silver Mirror ,Black,Pink,Bronze,Blue











1. Decoration, furniture.


2. Applied as rearview mirror, bathroom mirror, cosmetic mirror, optical mirror, etc.

2mm-8mm High Quality Colored Silver Mirror ,Black,Pink,Bronze,Blue


 Packaging & Shipping



Wholesale Package

8mm Clear Tempered Glass,Good Flatness,Customer Size,Variety Surface Treament

Bulk Packae

8mm Clear Tempered Glass,Good Flatness,Customer Size,Variety Surface Treament


Product items:
Float glass :  Low –e glass, Reflective glass, Tinted float glass, Ultra clear float glass, Clear float glass
Processed glass: Tempered glass, NON-Figured acid etched glass, Acid Etched glass, Laminated glass
Patterned glass: Wired patterned glass ,Colored patterned glass, Ultra clear patterned glass, Clear patterned glass 
Mirror :Silver mirror ,aluminum mirror ,copper free and lead free silver mirror ,shaped mirror with beveled edge ,bath mirror
Process we can do :
Cutting :cut the glass to customer size ,clear and colored glass for windows,doors,lightings ,ready to process by full automated cutting machine
Grinding: rough grind ,straight grind ,pencil grind ,ogee  grind ,polished grind
Drilling :by high accuracy of fix position drilling machine
Tempering :by continue tempering machine ,thickness from 2.8-12 mm 
Sample is free offered with freight to collect
24 hours on line support

  5mm Sandblasted Tempered Glass For Home Decoration,Rough/Polished Flat/Pencil/Beveled Edge




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